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Little Dude Got Them Burners: 3 Year Old Dominates The Track!

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Posted by Toma

Added on Aug 12th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Young Woodrow

    I’m taking all bets on the next baby race.

  • Jeebus Crise

    Lil Bolt.

  • Theblackest

    Was it ever any question once the video started

  • Stop-wearing-weave

    Little black baby showed his superiority to the inforitity white babies

    • Tennessee

      Shut up, moron. If you have such an issue with white people, stop acting like them. Racism is their thing, not ours. I feel like you will be too dumb to receive this lesson though.

      • Stop-wearing-weave

        Pussy nigga what makes you think I’m racist because I stated facts coon go eat a dick

        • Tennessee

          You’re too stupid to even see your own racism. But you’re a millennial and stupid is very common in your generation. You don’t get a pass for being stupid, you just need to be reminded that you are on a regular basis.

          • Stop-wearing-weave

            Fuck you and country ass Tennessee

          • Tennessee

            LOL Weak

          • APOCALYPSE the Troll King

            you ain’t black you Tennessee…
            still coon nigga!

          • Tennessee

            The real “coon” is the one who follows. You spout trash with no understanding of what you’re even saying. You’re so busy following you don’t see how stupid you are. Whats worse is the ones you try so hard to act like are just as dumb as you. The blind leading the blind never getting anywhere. You, your parent (because I can tell no man had a hand in teaching you) and all your buddies will never amount to anything. Wake up and stop being a retard. Straight like that.

          • APOCALYPSE the Troll King

            -Still coon nigga

          • Tennessee

            yes you are.


    All the whites knew what was about to happen lmfao

  • GunSlinger

    why is the black kid the oldest kid in the kindergarten class