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It Was Like 20 On 1: A Fight Breaks Out At An Amusement Park In New York…a 16-year-Old Kid Was Seriously Injured!

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Submitted by Tado

Added on Apr 20th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • P Just Ice

    You really had to jump on dude chest while he was already sleep? Now that’s the real definition of Fuck Nigga where I’m from “Stanking Bitch!” in old school voice who was on the city bus!

    • real

      And has no remorse either.

    • PlayCrazyB#t#h

      The same shit happen here in Detroit,they gave them boys a 5 million dollar bond each,an all that thug shit left them boys face. I never understood turning a knockout into attempted murder

  • Lvl.69_DoomLord

    What goes around comes around, that’s why I roll solo. Never know what shit people have coming around to bite them in the ass, and I want no parts of it– I have my own problems to deal with.

  • vanillathrilla

    fucking animals…..

    • Marleyibeyea

      Seriously smfh… and niggas wonder why everyone getting shot!
      You don’t see white ppl jumping on an unconscious mans chest…
      Before y’all niggas go crazy on me I’m black too.. but I will never
      behave like that. Ppl like this makes us look bad

  • jojosale

    Thats how blacks always fight. then wonder why nobody likes em