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Latino loss prevention officer charged with murder for killing Shoplifter!

Dallas, Texas (FOX26) — A CVS loss prevention employee is facing a murder charge after he shot and killed a shoplifter over the weekend.

Dallas police say Julio Ruvalcaba got in his car and chased down shoplifter Christopher Geddes before shooting and killing him. He was arrested and booked into jail but posted bond.

Donte Gordon is having a difficult time understanding how his cousin, 31-year-old Christopher Geddes, was shot and killed over a shoplifting incident.

Added on Jul 16th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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    stop stealing shit and you won’t get killed

  • jmain7416

    So you get the death penalty for taking shit out of a store now? You sound dumb af


      so what would you suggest? we collectively pay 30k dollars a year for 2 years so this fat dead motherfucker can sit on his ass in prison? a crucial part of society is purging the dysfunctional portion. I don’t expect you to have the intelligence to understand half of what I am saying though

      • California Ca$h

        Your trying to come off as intelligent but you can’t officially structure a sentence correctly that’s funny..🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️…I hope your an outstanding citizen with no criminal record cause I would I hate to see you or your family get their face blown off for infractions such as this one….this is sarcasm I am using if you didn’t know dickhead…😂🖕🏽🤣


          yeah actually I am. lets see how I stack up: no criminal record, college student, well paying CAREER, also no one in my family has a criminal record either. and I don’t care if you or a member of your family did get their face blown off (no sarcasm) because you deserve it if you are a thief. There is no place in society for a thief or a liar. You got butthurt because you are both and probably did some sitting huh?

          • jmain7416

            Can’t argue with someone so out of touch with reality.. I can brag all day as well, the point was anyone shouldn’t die for taking something.. Even if someone took something from me I wouldn’t want him dead..


            nah I only matched his level of ignorance by even saying some shit like that. since you are coming to me with respect I will do the same; I can see where you are coming from. you are right to a certain extent. items will never out outweigh the precious resource of life. However, if you have ever encountered a serial thief and really examined them you would quickly learn that there is more of a character flaw than just grabby hands. this person will lie to you about anything to cover their own ass and would quick disenfranchise those “close” to them if it meant their own comeuppance. Hence the saying “no honor among thieves”. They are hands down the worst kind of people that society has to offer


          and also you’re* and you seem like a real life idiot. I feel sorry for you

      • JayLauren410

        It was a petty theft pussy, he wouldn’t have went to prison fucking he would have gotten a fine and been done with it.


          depends on if he was a repeat offender or not

          • JayLauren410

            It has to be over $1,000 for the possibility for him to do jail time my guy. There’s jail then there’s prison prison you serve anything over two years. county jail you can only serve a maximum of 2 years

          • andre

            No it doesn’t Class B jail offense and theft over $100 is a Class B

          • JayLauren410

            That’s petty theft b

  • Pinhead Larry

    J.O.B Job. Sing it with me now

  • MR M.O.M

    If it would’ve been at night, he would’ve got away with it.

  • Sharrlize

    OK – So WHO Wants To See That Wall Built?


    Fucking crazy