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Lady went to the salon to Get Her Hair And Nails Done But When It Was Time To Pay She Didn’t Have Any Money And Took All Their Stuff Back!

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Posted by Tado

Added on Sep 11th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Bombshell Savage

    Lol damn! They repossessed her weave pieces, makeup and nail polish! Then they sprayed her down like a cat!! Not today bitch!! 😂😂😂

  • SteadyKeepinIt1000

    DAMN, that IS savage.


  • Newport Bron

    White girl thick af

  • The12deel

    These sista’s need to be very worried, these white girls out here appropriating asses now.


    Fine ass HOE. I bet she STD’ed down like a MFer!! Still..I’ll take a few!!



  • UNDFTD23

    damn. shorty look good too. and that bitch in white had a nice lil but on her

  • Monty Python

    We all know what the comments would be like is this person was black

    • Nick

      Doesn’t matter, it’s world star. Everyone’s a thug on the internet. It’s easy to sit at a computer and talk shit. Doesn’t matter what race the subject of the video. Comments will still be racist.

  • Too Insightful 4 You

    If she was black these comments would be waaay different. Only black girls wear weave right.

    • hi321

      Why would they be different?

    • Luis Rodriguez

      Black girls can’t even afford this treatment bro…black bitches share weaves in the hood
      That’s why half the cats is bald walking around in the hood

      • Too Insightful 4 You

        Right, lol, you are corny as hell.

      • Too Insightful 4 You

        And turns out neither can this broke hispanic chic soooo there’s that. Help your wifey out clown.

  • USVI- SoJahseh

    On the next episode of… Salon Repo!


    Boonk gang them hoes lol,bitch still sexy without all that bullshit, I will definitely feed her a few of my unborn kids

  • Dave Thomas

    Oh……..you didn’t know!!! “WHITE BITCHES” wear “WEAVE” too “MUTHA FUCKA”!!!

  • miguel miguel

    White trash at its finest. Wtf
    She got that Trump hair piece

  • natiVapor

    She bad but something wrong wit her.
    I mean they’re plenty of simps out there whod trick on her but she getting embarrassed out in public.

  • C4

    anybody else with iphone not getting audio on this site?

  • KingSirus

    They were calling her a stinken peckerwood. Lol

  • simom le

    White people shouldnt be alive.

  • Maestro

    Oh my Cheesuz. I’m movin to Brazil wit a truck fulla hair extensions and Magnums. Every chick got a phatty!

  • dattnigg93

    she still bad as hell…