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knocked that knife out of his hands: Two Dudes Get Into A Weak Fight!

Submitted by Charlie Rock

Added on Mar 17th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Lvl.69_DoomLord

    LOL, he’s shooting that joint up next…

    • Opulence


  • SteadyKeepinIt1000

    Damn…smh. Back in the day, this shit would be un-seen. When sighted, we were appreciative of the comedic value it brought because you just KNEW that these two couldn’t possibly be fighting over anything less than microchip or something lol. Now, it’s just sad. I couldn’t even enjoy it.

  • HandiMan2015

    Real life Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne!

    • ju_cash


  • The hill has eyes

    My dude hit everyone with the fuck you

    • Bombshell Savage

      😂 He issued them mfs out like Oprah giving away cars!! YOU get a ‘fuck you’ and YOU get a ‘fuck you’ and YOU get a ‘fuck you!! 😂😂

    • Jeebus Crise

      I actually think he won with the way he ate the blows, and followed up with a calm fuck you, fuck…

  • Tony

    He’s bringing a gun to school tomorrow. Everyone that got a fuck you today gets a bullet tomorrow

  • chillout43612

    And FUCK YOU😁