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Why These Kids Don’t Have A Coat On: Mother Seen Handling Her Son Rough At 8 A.m. In A Grocery Store Parking Lot!

Posted by Toma

Added on Jan 12th 2018
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • WhitelikeCoolwhip

    some kids act up and dont wanna put anything on so the mom loses patience still not right but hey NOT MY KIDS

    • Content Rated Bull-Shit

      True, and both kids seem like special needs, these types of moms lose a lot of patience when they learn they’ll have to give at least 3 times the effort compared to a normally developing kid. Still, not excusing her for being a stupid bitch

  • Knowledge Power

    Fat bitch, I would have went the hell off, and taken them kids myself. Stop paying for this shit to happen people.

    • Lil Darell

      Taken them and done what with them ? Really that’s a question deserving of an answer .

      • Knowledge Power

        Instead of taxpayers investing in prisons they should invest in behavior modification systems. One in every city for adults and one for children who are not being raised right. We need to do away with illogical people, instead of invention in something that makes them worse. The welfare system needs to be done with too.

  • Content Rated Bull-Shit

    What a cunt. She needs to do better, and the girl looks like she’s on the spectrum.


    keep droppin ya seed in these worthless irresponsible hoes

  • Damn, if they did not want to keep their kids on. Just bring some extra blankets. I know I have three kids they can be difficult deal with, but damn improvise.

  • vee

    Glad she was white.