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Keeping It 100: Dude Speak On The Steve Stephens Situation!

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Submitted by Toma

Added on Apr 19th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Django2020

    Why everybody think BLM gonna protect that fool. I don’t know why that’s everyone’s 1st thought whenever a black person does something. Can’t people see there is an agenda to dismantle BLM because it is something that fights for black civil rights.

    • ErnstellVor

      What civil rights is that movement fighting for?

      • Django2020

        Not being profiled, not getting your head blown off when being pulled over, not getting beat or harassed whenever you have an interaction with police. I dunno you pick one.

      • Theodore Tucker

        None when George Soros is financing his warped agenda

  • Get2knowme1st

    Real talk!

  • chillout43612

    I get what he is saying but why video while driving plus with your blood pressure boiling over pedestrians life matter! Pull over or do it before you start driving

  • Monty Python

    I was hoping the cope would have lit his ass up , but he took the cowards way out