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K. Michelle – No Not You

Added on Jan 11th 2018
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Frank Yoster

    Thought the bitch was done…k we all know u dun know shit bout “love”foh

  • Jeebus Crise

    Chubby whores are winning these days. Used to be they only won after 6 shots of henny and the bar was closing. Fucking simping ass men came along and gave these bitches privileges.

  • freddyb

    This bitch is corny

  • 8532233

    Her music is always OFF…

  • Tesla ⚡️#ThirdEyeOpened👁

    Her body banging

  • disqus_HcNCe6Or9e

    she put midgets on the map

  • disqus_HcNCe6Or9e

    nice vid