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Jokes: Dude Decided to give his girl a strip tease with skid marks on his draws!

Submitted by Toma

Added on Mar 17th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • P Just Ice

    Fake asf she didn’t even sound excited nice try though I give it a 4..

  • Sweet tea

  • yurpnova

    Lmao… fake… bish sound like 300lbs

  • Shaun Nguyen

    Men get back tats for the guy behind them

  • Dan Grime

    this dude really looks like a chick with all them nipple acessories and that half a robe shit he need to come out that closet cause he look sweet as fuck and that nasty doodle stain like he just got in the back door and he dumb happy about it lmaoo