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Iowa Radio Host Fired After Making Racist Remarks On-Air!

‘They are all foreigners!’ An Iowa radio station fires employees over racist comments about high school basketball players. Orin Harris made the comments at a Forest City High School and Eagle Grove High school. Posted by Chill

Added on Dec 5th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Schools of Opposite Day 📿

    I know I’m not smarter then this “radio host” and I know better. They just be starting wars amongst their citizens.

    • Tesla ⚡️#ThirdEyeOpened👁

      Have more confidence in yourself!! You better walk out here KNOWING your the best mother F**ker out!

      • Schools of Opposite Day 📿

        Thank you. You did that from heart.


    White people are starting to call everybody not white..foreigners. When They..are the biggest foreigners of all!!!

    • KingSirus

      Those NAZI’S are totally misguided, FUCK them and donald trump111111

      • Ric Gonzalez

        Dont forget super racist Hillary also, Black men are Super Predators and her hot sauce in her purse lie!!

  • ROACH000

    Rude ass crackas —— your day is coming crackas

  • KingSirus

    They have more Spanish people because you pathetic honkeys redneck pale sickly skinned pilgrims cant play worth SHIT!!!!!

  • Mr Steve R. Miller

    What’s the issue? id rather know up front if someone is a racist piece of shit.

    • michig911 ( Honky!!!)

      Young whites toooooo

  • Mr. Stylistic

    As Trump would say go back where they came from ?? …. Well damn there you go lol

  • Theblackest

    He woulda been a.lright…he was toeing the line but right at the end he just couldn’t help himself