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‘Honor Up’ Movie Trailer (Starring Cam’Ron, Stacey Dash & Murda Mook)

Official movie trailer for Honor Up. Produced by Damon Dash & Executive Producer Kanye West.

Added on Jan 12th 2018
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Knowledge Power

    They keep making these movies look like it’s cool to be a gang-banger. Y’all look up the elites who run Hollywood. You keep blaming your fellow slaves (the normal white men) why all those who are controlling humanity call themselves Jewish. These Jews come in (white, and black). Check it out

  • freddyb

    Shit looks corny typical and full of gangster-glorification….and Stacy dash’s bitch ass is in it. …fuck this horse shit!

  • HandiMan2015

    Stacy Dash? Fuck this movie and that sellout bitch!

  • Krazidawg

    I heard Stacy Dash pussy stank.

    • freddyb

      It taste funny too

  • roman

    Tired ass lookin movie.

  • yahmensah

    looks like alot of footage from loisaidas i seen three scenes from that failed project, not a good look always start fresh