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High Winds Flip More Than 10 Trucks At Colorado Springs!

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Added on Jan 10th 2017
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  • Sandy Nigga Pepe

    So you just gonna post Heidi Evans ph # from your Bluetooth display

    • Carlius

      Call and see if she’s single

      • Sandy Nigga Pepe

        did we just become best friends?

        • Carlius

          Wait, what?

          • Sandy Nigga Pepe

            guess not

          • Carlius

            I should call the number

          • Sandy Nigga Pepe

            you prob wouldn’t be the first, lol

  • ObamaOneMoreTerm

    That gay commentary is tough to endure…

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    Wow this dude talkini jist punch