Future…You Are…The Daddy!!! (Maury Voice)


Rapper Future took a DNA test earlier this month proving he’s the father of a 10 year old son…TheGrandReport has learned.

Future aka Nayvadius Cash, was sued last year by a woman name Jessica Smith…who claimed the rapper knocked her up in 2001 … but should be ordered to pay her child support.

According to court docs filed in Georgia, the 29 year old rapper took a DNA test which confirmed with a 99.9% certainty the kid was his.

With the results coming back positive, Future and his baby mama struck a deal…he agreed to be legally recognized as the father, pay $1,662 in child support per month and pay for the cost of the DNA test which was $889.

The judge signed off on it, and the case was closed earlier this month.

Fun Fact: In the docs Future lists his monthly income as $16,516.30.

Uploaded on January 29th, 2013
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