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‘Free Meek Mill’: Demonstrators Rallying For Imprisoned Rapper Meek Mill!

Via CBS Philly

Added on Nov 14th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Knowledge Power

    Everyone else can pay their way out of it all. This sentencing is what us normal, middle class people always get for a probation violation. So you all want to change it because they did not give him a break?

    • ROACH000

      Stfu you dumb fuck…. look at the accusations being made -the judge in this case is real close to a music producer in Philadelphia named Charlie Mack – the FBI is investigating the judge for remarks he made with Charlie mack through email stating he can pursuade meek to work with him by holding probation over his head…. these are just accusations but enough to have to people stand by meek, kind of like republican whites are standing by Roy Moore the pedophile in Alabama ready to change the laws up for him to become a senator smh….

      • Donald Toad

        – DICK CHASIN

        • m m

          But it’s in your mouth.

  • Wrenchh

    This is just dumb af