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Florida Doctor Assaults Woman, Seizing Phone, for Recording him Throwing Mother out of Office!

A Florida doctor – who apparently missed his calling as a cop – seized a woman’s phone after she recorded him kicking her mother out of his office.

Added on Oct 11th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Knowledge Power

    The whole system sucks people. It is the system that makes us crack.

  • michig911 ( Honky!!!)

    Take a knee

  • Maestro

    He ain’t no doctor. That’s a angry nurse!

  • Shad LaCour

    That’s what I hate about doctors. Your appointment is at 5 but you don’t see the dr until 10 but if you’re 5 mins. late they charge you $50.

    • Nick

      I heard this comedy bit the other day about this.

      “If I have an appointment at 5, I expect the doctor to be there at 5. How is your doctor late for the appointment set up through his facility? The only way it’s acceptable for the doctor to be late is if a pool of blood starts forming under the door. And even at that, I want him to clamp off whatever is doing that. I want to hear a clamp sound and the doctor say, ‘Oh, my 5 o clock is here.'”

      • Shad LaCour

        LMAO! That’s true!

  • Ace Hole

    poor doc

  • Kemetic Genius

    Hate to say it but the doc is right and depending on the state, recording in that healthcare facility may violate HIPPA or PHI… 😞

  • tycoon

    as a doc I know how he feels,patients got no manners

  • Mel Lennon

    she got her phone back. He didnt upload this.

  • As a doctor I understand the frustration