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Florida Couple to Adopt 7 Siblings Separated by Foster Families!

A story about seven brothers and sisters being split up and sent to separate foster homes inspired a Florida couple to take action.

Added on Jul 15th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • APOCALYPSE the Troll King

    The most high be Praised!


    If you beleive in God as I do. You know this couple will be forever blessed. When you take a child or several of them and unconditionally make them a part of your family You have done something in life extraordinary. I wish nothing but the very best for this new family, Its great to hear and see stories like this. Because we all know the very next story on this website will about some fool (s)
    doing something stupid, crazy and dumb.

    • OverLord

      What about the other children at the adoption agencies. .


        Can’t speak for them. Hope they get parents from Somewheres. I already sucessfully raised 2. And now I’m mentoring my 3 grandkids. My hands are full. Alls I’m sayin is people who adopt kids receive blessings along the way. God things happen to them in life. I know this for a fact. Doors open for them because there hearts are pure. Mine might not always be. But theirs are.