Family Of Emmitt Till Responds To Lil Wayne’s Apology…And They Are Not Satisfied With It

Emmitt Till, Lil Wayne

Yesterday, Lil Wayne’s camp issued an apology for his controversial reference to Emmitt Till on Future’s “Karate Chop (Remix).” But it looks like Wayne will have to do better then that…I mean, it did take him forever to even respond to the issue. Now the Till family has responded, and it looks like they are not satisfied either. The full text of the response is quoted below.

“May 1, 2013

We are aware of Lil Wayne’s statement of acknowledgement of our family’s pain and our disapproval of referencing Emmett Till in his lyrical content.

While it’s commendable that he has vowed to respect the legacy of Emmett Till and his memory to ‘not use or reference Emmett Till or the Till family in his music’, this statement falls short of an apology, as none is mentioned.

Airickca Gordon-Taylor,
Executive Director, Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation/Till Family Representative”

Looks like Weezy F. Baby gotta little more work to do…

Uploaded on May 2nd, 2013
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