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Dude Goes In The Store To Mess With Them Asians And They Wasn’t Haven’t!

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Submitted by Toma

Added on Apr 20th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • P Just Ice

    Shit look staged

  • Grime boss

    this shit was corny asf!

  • John Haze

    That’s a female


    why mess wit someone on their job tho?


    Corny but true. Asians come to this country and do something a lot of us done forgot. And that be..WORK!!! Asians can take a sack of rice and noodles, open up a store, then open up 2 more stores/restaurants. We..take a bag of weed, get high , stay broke and..You know the rest of the story. Stop hatin on Asians. Cause they to busy workin to..Hate you back!! WORD

    • smoothoperator

      actually esau [caucasians] make it so that every race can make it here in shitmerica except the biblical israelites…so called negroes latinos and native indians


        BULLSHIT SIR!!! Then why is it we have a few rich black americans? Why is it we have black americans living good? How come some make it and others don’t? I’ll tell you why..Because you gotta want it. You gotta want to escape. You gotta get yourself a trade or go to college. You gotta..stay out of trouble and prison..SIR!! I came from the hood(housing project) All my hommies laughed at me for studying and going to school. Many of them are dead, or in prison, or all doped up still hangin on the block. ME? I went into the Army and let for my college.I got a family. Married a good smart sister and we both make bank. If I can do it? Anybody can. Stop blaming the white man for your troubles. Go and do somethin with your life..SIR!!! WORD.

        • smoothoperator

          -stephan [house nigga on django] massa good to me, nah hush…youz gone git us all killeds