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Dude Gets Shown “what that mouth do” inside Denny’s Restaurant (*Warning* Must Be 18 Years or Older)

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Submitted by Chill

Added on Apr 18th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • miguel miguel

    Dam bt1000

  • P Just Ice

    This dude been at it for years on WS

  • The Authority.

    So you proud of yourself for fucking a bitch when no1 around??? basically you just happy to be getting pussy lol. now fuck the hoe in a packed restaurant and then you might get a salute but for now take this L. Final Word.

    • michig911 ( Honky!!!)

      😂 shots fired, shots fired!!!

    • KryminalOne

      it takes some balls to do it even if it’s kind of empty. Where the fuck the workers at?

      • Carlius

        He paid the workers for an hour, when it was slow

  • lit seal

    Thats a tute

  • Grime boss


  • the truth

    Tatt on the ass means dirty azz bitch . When will u niggas learn

  • Stop-wearing-weave

    Put that hoe on the house my nigga

  • 4gotmypasscode

    Now i dislike a female who participate in actives like this, & when you hook up with her she say some shit like “I AIN’T LIKE THAT” Bitch please Annapolis,MD type female frame of mind 🛑🔄 u-turn dropping you back off!

  • big_guwop

    So yall actin like yall neva stepped off from the restaurant with ir girl. Smh. If thats the case ur relationship borimg and she prolly goin leave yoass. Ijs

  • Pugslie

    Disgusting animals!

  • Tearza

    They both worked there he’s the bus boy and she’s the waitress everyone was gone and the manager was in the office counting the money and doing line’s now he has to clean her section every night