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Dude Get Tossed Over The Rail Onto The First Floor During A Fight!

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Submitted by Toma

Added on Apr 17th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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    Took it like a soldier

  • P Just Ice

    Damn did he just spit on the floor in the house? Now that’s savage

  • FowlerATL

    First words after almost dying is “Ooo Im gone beat yo ASS”…That kid got heart.

  • Kev Smith

    He’s lucky to survive that shit right there wow!

  • Shad LaCour

    I guess he knows he can’t fly now.

  • Isaac Rodriguez

    Damn took that fall like a G. Still went back and kept setvin dude


    This lil homie mix with cat he hop up like nothing and went back up to the top to do it over again

  • Here’s a Tissue

    Lil nigga got heart no doubt about it! But he definitely gonna be hurtin the next day because of that fall


    Being a bully can do that to yeah,the man already looking like he didn’t wanna fight be you still wanna trying a nigga He was suppose to throw yo ass over the rail,I said would do it everytime you run yo ass up them steps!!

  • Hip Hop Head 2 The Core

    lucky he aint kill that dude…