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Dude Catch His Son’s Mother In Her Room On The 3rd Floor With A Guy While His Son Was On The 1st Floor (Living Room) Unsupervised!

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Posted by Chill

Added on Nov 14th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Newport Bron

    Stop spitting juice into these hoes and you won’t have problems

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    too bad w3 cant see shit

    • Kay_P


  • Elon Martin

    Broad could of waited til he picked up his son the D not going nowhere

  • That’s My Name

    Bitch trying to make another child while neglecting the other one. And dude up there like “yeah, this is the one I want to have a baby with.”


    Her favorite beverage is semen

  • yurpnova

    you chose to nut in that nasty bitch my nigga… don’t act brand new bruh…

  • yurpnova

    idiots should not reproduce… feel bad for that kid… both his parents aint shit

  • forrealforeal

    That nigga old enough to be sitting there watching tv by himself. Different story if the lil Nigga opened the door cuz if he did he’d prolly open for anybody. Do admit she wrong for neglecting but that nigga wrong to for recording imo

  • Krazidawg

    Dude should go straight to court, ask for full custody, she should get supervised visitation only, it’s obvious dick is waaaay more important. Men never talk about this fact, that a lot of women prioritize dick over their children.

  • lamac44

    yeah but for real for real if she had dial 911 he would have been fucked. If that is her house…. he came uninvited it seems kinda dumb play even tho she got caught

  • Trick_swazy

    Bird ass nigga butt hurt 😭

    • JiggyJames

      Butt hurt the bitch ain’t watching his son who could into anything? Damn

  • yahmensah

    this nigga said and i got it all on video, ahh no you don’t, you aint got shit on video

  • ladylabyrinth

    he is right that she should have been watching him. I mean dam! he was no where near her so she could supervise him being all the way down stairs like that, but he straight wrong for busting in her room like that! her house, she said go and he didn’t so he could have caught a case on that shit

  • KingSirus

    Those niggas he was talking about are still on the way…… 2 days later.

  • Maestro

    Did u call her “my nigga” when times were good? I luv u my nigga. But I luv u more my nigga!

  • Dave Thomas

    It was all GOOD at first. Even thought he was downstairs by HIMSELF. But when he found out BABY MOMA bout to give that ASS up. Now he wanna TRIP!!!

  • WhitelikeCoolwhip

    She’s gonna be a Great Mother

  • Using.dialup

    Kid’s old enough to speak, he can be left alone for a few minutes in front of the tv.. who cares what the momma chooses to do, he expects her to keep an eye on him 24/7?

    • Mistadontplay

      It only takes 1 sec bro. Three floors up, he got a point. My crib only has 1 level so they might as well not even be home if they 2 floors up with the door closed.


    Daam..Maybe she had that itch that had to be scratched with some fucking! I don’t see nothin wrong with this until…Shit goes wrong. Then its all bad. The kid needs to be supervided. it might be Ok if there is only 1 story. But a three story crib? Anything can happen to the little kid. And y’all know her boyfriend did not care. He to busy..Smashin!!

  • introduction2life

    He hurt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • chillout43612

    That bun still in Love πŸ’― you worry about your son not who she is fucking nowπŸ’―

  • Demetrius Linn Robinson

    That man mad about some pussy.

  • Bitch Where?

    Why he mad at the dude if he didn’t know him

  • Bitch Where?

    We gotta share these shareable bitches not make babies with them