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Dropping Them 5th Ward B’z: Brawl Breaks Out In The 5th Ward Area Of Houston!

Posted by Tado

Added on Jan 12th 2018
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Doobrownboy

    Always one pussay ass nigga jumping in a girl fight.

  • N/a

    Fith ward sounds like some scary ass shit lol

    • Kay_P


  • Jeebus Crise

    All those men standing, all afraid to break it up because if one of those women hit them, and they even looked like they got mad, the other dudes are waiting to attack him.
    I was disappointed. If you are going to post chick fights, with big titties, and cars, at least one titty must pop out, or at least one person must be ran over by a car. Those are the official rules.

    • Kay_P

      Stupid Ass.. Titties Popping Out Yes.. Getting Hit By A Car Damn My Dude

      • Jeebus Crise

        I said hit by a car because that was the trend in 2017. Every other fight video was ending in whoops, bam someone running over someone. In fact, one of the 2018 videos now in circulation is just that. Green car runs up on the curb and runs over a chick, she gets up and chases the damned car. Wasn’t phased by getting mowed down like she became superwoman. Car hauled ass. Was like, damned, ran her over and she got stronger, gotta hide out now.

  • Knowledge Power

    How can so many of these videos be up, yet blacks STILL don’t see, or understand the TRUTHS? My God, I guess its cause, as wee see all over the internet the MAJORITY are walking, talking irrational people.

    • 7 Figz

      Then I guess the majority of white women are pedophiles, white men are serial killers, indians are rapists, chinese eat cats, etc… etc…

      Fuck outta here with your stereotype bullshit.

      • Knowledge Power

        ok it there were videos all over the damn internet of these groups doing such things, it would be true… LOL