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The Disrespect: Woman Invades Another Passenger Space With Her Feet On The Plane!

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Posted by Tado

Added on Sep 12th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Sophisticated Ex Con

    Why the ugly face tho ?? … lol

    • Jeebus Crise

      Worse part is, that is how it looks when she is relaxed as well. Toes were a pleasant distraction from her face.

  • Terry Smith

    Idk what’s worse her feet or the Shannon Sharpe looking bitch hear

  • Le Roy Waring

    Shits look like the Crypt keepers busted hand knuckles…bwahahahahaha

  • Knownofear

    I saw the thumbnail and thought this was a black pennywise!

    • SteadyKeepinIt1000

      Wow, Bruh. SMH

      😂 SMH

  • Gino_Green

    You honkies grow up soon take care…

  • I would’ve hit them joints so hard with my elbow

  • yahmensah

    one good tickle and she wont put them back over there

  • Jeebus Crise

    First, dip your fingers in your water and wet them good, then fake a sneeze while flicking the water on her feet.

    They were pretty feet though, and I would walk back to the rear lavatory to get a look at her mug. If she is pretty, and fine, take my seat, and she would wake up with a toe in a mouth and have to make a decision, let me finish, or remove the toe.

    -Bill Cosby

    • SteadyKeepinIt1000

      Yeah…. i don’t see the connection. Try again.


    • Jeebus Crise

      Whomever left me a comment, I apologize but you were already on my block list. I bet your comment was dope though. Sadly, all I see is “this user is blocked”.


    Is the stupid face really needed

  • miguel miguel

    Should have done the
    Trump an
    Grab her by the pussy….

  • KingSirus

    Lick those pretty Mofo’s. She will move them or shove them down your throat then cum.

  • Bombshell Savage

    Nah bitch. I hate peoples feet.

  • whocanitbeifitaintme .

    That bitch ugly af. That face was the most disgusting thing in the video.

  • DG

    Pretty feet ! 😛

  • dattnigg93

    i would have rubbed them…they’re cute

  • SexyBrownSuga