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Diamond & Silk react to Trump’s jabs at Kim Jong Un!

Via Fox News

Added on Nov 13th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • This is the pot calling the kettle short and fat

  • Doobrownboy

    The fuck? Who can take seriously words spoken from two retired strippers? Diamond and Silk haaaa

  • Mr. Stylistic

    Smh if NK send a nuclear missle this way … i hope these biscuit coon bitches be the first to go …

  • Whodafuqisyou?

    The Coonery III. The sequel to …
    the sequel…


    These bitches again DAMN


    The Plantation Hoes strike again!!!

  • BluntSmoka

    These chicks got to be on payroll or something doing all this. I thought the black pastor’s were bad on that we need to support Trump but these chicks got them beat