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Dave Chappelle on escaping fame, returning to stand-up with Netflix!

Comedian Dave Chappelle has been making people laugh for 30 years. His career exploded after two hilarious seasons of “Chappelle’s Show” on Comedy Central, but he suddenly abandoned it at the height of his success. Now, he’s back with a three-part stand-up comedy special on Netflix.

Added on Mar 20th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Tennessee

    This sites steals a lot of videos from youtube.

    • Kev Smith

      What is your point???? Every video comes from youtube, Worldstar videos are from YouTube? It rather they put a video player on it or not. If worldstar take their video play off you will see it all come from YouTube. This site right here put video players on some of their videos only it seems like. So you made a pointless comment about it

      • Tennessee

        Pointless huh? My point is and was This site steals a lot of videos from youtube. You gotta a problem with that point?

        • Kev Smith

          My point is, every other video site you go to, they get their videos from YouTube too. Do you even know what a masked video player is lmao. Learn something before you speak smh.

          • Tennessee

            What I know is that you are making my point now for the 2nd time and arguing about it. Should I elaborate on my point even more so you can continue to tell me how true it is?

        • Angel

          Kev Smith is right, you must be 15 years old and don’t know any better. All these videos on these sites cone from you tube. I don’t care if you are on Liveleak, Worldstar or thegrandreport…all videos originate from youtube

          • Tennessee

            So you agree with my point and are now arguing because I made it. hmm

  • mdogg0724

    So Chappelle takes a shot at exposing the industry, flees to Africa in rebellion, then ends up selling out to the industry for another shot at fame. Smh.