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Damn: Man Records The Aftermath Of The Speeding Vehicle In NY That Left 1 Dead & 13 Injured!

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A vehicle jumped the curb in New York City’s busy Times Square area, striking pedestrians, reports are confirming at least one fatality at the scene. The FDNY confirmed that 13 people are receiving treatment. A local New York station reported that the driver is currently in custody and being questioned. The incident occurred at the intersection of 43rd St. and 6th Ave.

Added on May 19th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Kev Smith

    Shit look like it was on the set of a movie. Crazy shit though

  • michig911 ( Honky!!!)

    Tito Santana did a good job recording. ARIBA!!!!

  • PrawnStar

    Old news. I have to scroll forever to find the video. Video encoder sucks. I have another video playing that’s an ad. WTF is going on here? You need help with this wack ass site.

  • dizzy

    Yo i feel bad for people in ny mf stay trying to kill em

  • T.Wallie

    One place ill never move avoid that place like the plague but i wouldve been on the ground playing hurt not recording

  • Lil Darell

    Who knew window shopping could be so dangerous .

  • Voodoo Legend Soichi

    he wasn’t terrified, just deseperately looking for a taco stand, he was very hungry