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Damn: Little Boy Takes 2 to the Face And His Mom gets STOMPED OUT AS WELL!

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Posted by Toma

Added on Oct 11th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Carlius

    Dumb niggas

  • Content Rated Bull-Shit

    Roach motel

  • Jeebus Crise

    I got $7500 on a Saint Laurent jacket.. careful where you beating them asses.

  • Mel Lennon

    ummmmm the little boy won.

  • Lil Darell

    Whites gonna call the law when you get in that ass .


    2pac Nigga gave white dude the 2pc

  • chillout43612

    I bet anything this was in Florida 💯

  • 250lbs

    Oohh shit oooh shit lol