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Dallas Police Officers Found Their selves Dealing With A Crazed Naked Man Over The Easter Weekend!

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Submitted by Toma

Added on Apr 20th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Kev Smith

    I’m gonna say it again, say no to drugs people.


    I see why jesus don’t wanna return…eccentric ppl won’t last in this mafacka : D

  • dat piff

    who ever write these descriptions is a illiterate son of a bitch….their selves what the fuck is their selves…the world we live in today


    HE lucky the cop who tased him was black. Had it been a white cop, he would have got..Shot on!!
    However..he got what he had coming. Dumb-ass MF, My people and their drug addictions. Keepin us..way down..just like the white man likes us!