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Cop pushes old homeless man to the floor and slaps him for asking to go to the restroom before he’s get arrested for trespassing!

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Posted by Tado

Added on Jul 15th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • SteadyKeepinIt1000

    Inhumane son of a bitch. Let’s see where this “cop” is 5 yrs from now. Hopefully not in an ICU fighting for his life. God FORBID he would need a STRANGER…..smh

    • simom le

      In 5 years I hope he still not a cop.. white racist cops that are caught usually lose they jobs as cops

  • Content Rated Bull-Shit

    I vaguely recall watching this like 10 years ago when it was filmed with the first iphone. Also look how nervous the guy is filming it, not like today’s in your face public videographers.

  • Lil Darell

    The less you have ,the less they think of you .

    • simom le

      Sad but true brova

  • Lil Darell

    When you openly record it makes it clear to the officer that you see his misdeeds , that cowardly filming from cover allows them to continue to brutalize a person . Grow a pair of balls .

    • simom le

      The dude recording didnt want to risk his phone being snatched away. It was smart on his part. This white racist cop still gonna get reported on.

  • forrealforeal

    If he was blacc it would be about race, don’t get me wrong most cops I’ve met seem racist but on general cops just don’t like ppl they deem to be beneath them and that’s for all races

    • ✌Koolin✌

      They call all the white boys in my neighborhood white trash for being friends with us.

    • APOCALYPSE the Troll King

      Say that when they kill you devils like flies.

  • KingSirus

    He slapped the white power out of this old boy.

    • simom le

      TF?? You make no sense

  • simom le

    Stupid white cops must enjoy losing they jobs.

    • fishing theory

      the cop was mexican..

      • simom le

        The cop was white

  • fishing theory

    was that at a bart stop?

  • March Bell

    Then when a cop gets killed people see something wrong i dont fuck the police the man can say what he want to say catch these bitch ass cops out somewhere off duty an give them an ass whipping the pigs think they cant be fucked with that wasnt called for

  • APOCALYPSE the Troll King

    Let me guess, he’s getting arrested for “assault police”….

  • APOCALYPSE the Troll King

    This cop is going to change his bum life.

  • real

    Just use the restroom in the back of his police cruiser…lol