Clean Up On Isle 12: Things Got A Little Crazy In Walmart When This Crazy Brawl Broke Out!

The back story:

“So apparently the big girl was blocking the aisle & the little girl in the yellow said “bxtches act like they cant fxcking move, blocking the aisle” so the big girl responded with “What bxtch! Who the fxck you talking to”. That’s how it all started. Then the other guy in the back said, “that’s why your daughter bald headed as fxck.. tell that bxtch to grow some hair”. That’s when all hell breaks loose. Oh and they had children with them too. Yes it was wrong because the kids were there but mf’s gotta accept the parts they played. IT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED!”

Posted by Toma

Uploaded on November 7th, 2018
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