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Chick Goes Off On Black Lives Matter & The Media Over The Chicago Kidnapping!

Via NameIsJosephine

Added on Jan 10th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Stop-wearing-weave

    Coon why you didn’t bring up Dylan roof?

  • mdogg0724


  • ROACH000

    This happened to a black special needs kid in Idaho, the media gave it zero attention and the white kids got off from prison and wasn’t charged with a hate crime, although the kid was forced to sing KKK songs. Talk about a double standard… So instead of calling out the hypocrisy, she bashes her own race. Grade A coon

    • Deplorable hoodtruther

      Proof? Or you just talking out your ass??

      • ROACH000

        Dietrich, Idaho…. Population of 330 and the victim is one of two blacks(who are adopted) in the town. 3 whites the kid down, shoved a coat hanger in his ass and kicked it. Also reported the kid went through racial abuse often in the locker room. No hate crime charges, no media coverage, 300 hours of community service for the adult charged, and the other two perps were tried as juveniles and you know the rest.

        • Deplorable hoodtruther

          No maybe you didn’t understand me. Proof is a link to an article, proof is a solid evidence NOT what YOU have to say. Proof is a link to a new story to back k u please you’re claim, not some made up shit you posted.

          • Lvl.69_DoomLord

            Bitch it’s true, do the research yourself. Everything won’t be handed to you on a silver platter….

          • ROACH000

            Lol well you got the the deplorable part right for sure… Just google Dietrich, Idaho and all your proof you need will pop up. I gave you a complete summary of events and you’re still denial… Smh