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Car Sale Gone Bad, Chase Ensues, Man Struck, Cash Goes Flying!

Police are investigating a bizarre scene caught on tape where a man was hit by a truck and then a bunch of cash goes flying in the air while the man hit runs off.

Added on Jul 16th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Lil Darell

    Come on white people , it was a drug deal .

    • ✌Koolin✌

      They’ll never admit it.It’s simple too see that’s what it was.

    • That’s My Name

      😂😂They are so oblivious. Like buying a car with cash is so illegal that they couldn’t call the cops

  • Gnome Sayin’

    Who pays for a car with stacks of cash. You put that shit on credit or pay with a check.

    • Jeebus Crise

      Never cash and never run from a vehicle in the direction it is traveling.

  • Alex Martinez

    20 30 feet in the air gtfoh