Blueface: ‘The Rich Life’ Net Worth FORBES 2019! (Cars, Fashion Nova, Ice & more)

In just under a year, Blueface has gone from unknown rapper, to debatably… the hottest new artist in the game. With his off the wall flow, eccentric personality, viral dance moves and his hard to miss face tattoo of Benjamin Franklin, you have definitely seen the name Blueface pop up on your screen over the past couple of months. And it’s not just newfound clout that Blueface has attained, he’s also copped some new things to show off his success. Blueface baby has blown some cash on a new pair of grills, a massive Benjamin Franklin chain, and while Thotiana was busting it down for Blueface in his new video with YG directed by Cole Bennet, Blueface was showing off his brand new busted down Rolly that’s worth around 40 grand…

Uploaded on February 8th, 2019
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