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That Black Eye Though: She Should Of Gave That Man His Stuff And Let Him Go!

Posted by Tado

Added on Dec 5th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Ric Gonzalez

    anywhere is the US whenever you are on MLK jr dr, you are subject to this kind of behaviour or worst. # FACTS

    • Jeebus Crise

      MLK, Caesar Chavez, or Malcolm X Blvd. You see those names, slam your shit in reverse and back the fuck out quick. Cops will even escort you.

  • RugeR

    Legit, I’m surprised they didn’t pick their hair up off the ground.



  • Schools of Opposite Day 📿

    What’s the point in showing us this (rewind comment)

  • USVI- SoJahseh

    Bitch deserves every lash she got.

  • freddyb

    Loudest bitch got her ass whooped. ..now she’s crying victim. ..that hoe looks like an entirely different person without that cat fur on her head

  • Datdudedez

    Her baby was like…who you bitch 😂

  • yahmensah

    i don’t see how guys get involved with these type of women and vice versa

  • yahmensah

    i don’t see how guys get involved with these type of women and vice versa

    • Jeebus Crise

      Sure you do. You know at least one lazy bastard who ain’t worth a fuck. We all know that dude that is lucky a looney tune bitch will even fuck with him. Be the main one talking about how he should have copped some fly ass bitch when he started too.

  • b+

    Yoo! pass the popcorn

  • Whodafuqisyou?

    Police shoulldn’t even waste their time on these shits.

  • SmackAStankHoe

    Bitch in the gray was eatin punches like snack cakes 😂💯

  • Bang Bang




  • RotorRooter

    The worst part of this is that this is a ‘normal’ day for you niggas. Literally no one else on this planet acts like you people. Disgusting.

    • Sharrlize

      “Literally no one else on this planet acts like you people”: Oh, you mean like killing over 50 innocent people you never met by shooting at them with a rifle from a Las Vegas hotel room, like a kracker did? Or frying six million people in ovens like krackers did in Germany? Or smashing the global economy for profit like Wall Street krackers did in 2008?

      Black folks engage in petty crime: krackers have a monopoly on an encyclopedia of ALL other crime. But of course, you can’t learn that from Fox News or Breitbart.

      • RotorRooter

        First of all, i’m not White so i could care less about what folks. But i will say this: White folks like to kill a large group of people all at one time while Blacks like to spread out their killings (8 killed today, 6 killed tomorrow, 14 killed on Saturday,…). And know know this is also a fact.

        • Theblackest

          That was a really stupid point…and if you’re not white it’s even dumber

    • CruiseCTRL

      If you weren’t so caught up and mesmerized by black culture, you’d realize there are more websites out there that show other cultures outside of blacks doing far worst things. You are an idiot. Visit the YNC and shut your mouth. Brazilians murder cold blood in the crowded street, whites mass murder, Indians torture and burn in the streets. And you, you just jack off in front of a computer.

  • That’s My Name

    I love it when a bitch like that get her ass beat. Always telling a nigga what ain’t going to do like there’s not a first time for everything

  • CruiseCTRL

    She did all that actin up but can’t throw hands? What is you doin?

  • Shadeaux

    “She beat my ass! Yes, she did!” LMAO! Shoulda gave that nigga his stuff.

  • Felicia Princess Fee Hamilton

    Brought on herself! when I’m over a man take everything with you! what I’m keeping that shit for I can’t fit his shoes, shirts so what I want that for!? Bye you and everything in here even the socks you can’t find the match to! ✌ fighting over a man just ain’t in my DNA lol epic fail trying that here!