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blac chyna mom goes in on caitlyn jenner!

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Posted by Toma

Added on Jul 16th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Grime boss

    Another senseless ratchet bitch no wonder black Chyna a ratchet bitch like her mom foh!

  • Gnome Sayin’

    shitty watermark, Grand Report.

    • Kev Smith

      I’m pretty sure they do that because WSHH and a few more other sites be taking videos from grand report and putting there logo over TGR logo. I know for sure, Wshh is notorious for taking TGR videos and editing the watermark out

      • macq76

        This video wasn’t uploaded originally to tgr so what you say?

      • Gnome Sayin’

        That watermark should still be placed somewhere away from the actual focal point of the video…. Line it across the top or the side. Don’t wreck the whole video by splashing it all huge across the whole screen!

  • Gnome Sayin’

    Blac Chyna’s mom smokes rocks?

  • March Bell

    This drug addict trying to get paid too black women are thristy i see nothing wrong with what rob did dont want it out there shouldn’t have sent him pictures the bitch is was will be a stripper so how many people already look at the pussy just trying to get a check but in the end ROB is the big dummy for even dealing with this bitch tigger should have told him your paid an this bitch broke your a 🎯

  • macq76

    It’s sad when this is your foundation. Smh

  • Terry Smith

    Dam bitch your voice deeper than his,then it look like you haven’t been to sleep in days,come to think about it you look like a black Caitlyn Jenner

  • Jeebus Crise

    Um, Rob is stupid for fucking with that demon seed of a batch you gave birth too. This bitch is so strung out, she has about two years left on earth.

  • Timmy Ag

    That bitch smoke crack. That was her era man.

  • DG

    Stay away from mad women like this.