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Birdman Goes off on people saying he should pay Lil Wayne ‘YALL P*SSY! “YALL AINT WANNA SEE NO MURDER”

Via DJ Akademiks

Added on Oct 11th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Pinhead Larry

    Can’t take him seriously after that picture of them kissing

  • ThatNigga **pull up**

    suus af

  • Gohardswag!

    Ima lvl with u….nigga u like to hear urself talk and I’m not talking about birdman

  • This dude man…

  • Frank Yoster

    as much as i hate birdman and his homo ass ways…at least hes a real street G…rozay is the fakest fraud ever in rap history…but i aint sttickin up for him…but william roberts is a fake ass and aint gonnq do shit.

  • BigDaddyTomCat

    Ross bout to speak on him again. Just Watch

  • DontCountMyDrinks🍺

    He said he don’t smile bcuz he didn’t have nothing to smile about.😕 Some fools take their gangsta persona to far and get lost in it.

  • roman

    Ya’ll better put some respit on ot


    Why he sound like bty Yungin tho sacrifed the nigga and took his style prolly took his rhymes too knowin birdman snake ass

  • m m

    Whoa, I made it to 2:45, fuck it I can’t listen to babble but for so long.

    • chillout43612

      I made it 1:30. Damn fool talking that dumb shit💯

  • Lovey

    Ignorant piece of shit. Money can’t buy class or help you to come out the closet. No one with class let alone money would sit with this demon.

    • Jaybo

      You are another idiot. He ignorant but you commenting on him. Ignorant on Forbes list ?

  • Gus C Gill Jr

    Really how old is this Nigga nigga sounds ignorant as hell. That Nigga need to go back to school evedently he chose money & ignorance over knowledge and wisdom. Smh🤔

    • Jaybo

      Apparently your dumb ass didn’t chose either. “Nigga sounds ignorant as hell” ? How many “ignorant” people you know with that kind of cash and on Forbes? Wait…how many niggas you know at all with that kind of business sense and cash? This man ain’t where he is being ignorant. Now what is ignorant is your comment.

      • Gus C Gill Jr

        Believe me I’m born & raised in LA.The only props I give him is for fucking China that nigga might be relevant to you but where I’m from that niggas a nobody the only attention he get out here is fucking one of the Kardashians. That niggas weak in the booth (no bars), niggas def ” white washed” & by the way I could at least name 5 mf on the top ten highest paid rappers on that list. So stay in your boring ass lane cause you def a “Stan” . He is most likely or favorite rapper. Also that Nigga couldn’t fuck with my circle he’d get laughed the fuck out. One thing I don’t do is look at these rappers as some sort of celebraty. Including the people I know Dre, Puffy, Snoop,fuck it the whole dog pound ,Game I can go on & on. Etc. Etc. You must think that niggas on that Quincy Jones status. You forget all them niggas who are relevant in this music shit & want to stay relevant in the experience might claim what city they from eventually when they make it first thing they do is buy some LA property. All I’m saying is you see & meet these Mf on a daily basis. All you have to do is hang out at the right places. The club, Beverly hills, Hollywierd, Venice beach, Fucking Compton, Inglewood, Culver City, shit the airport. That shit don’t fase me. I can got my own cake & doing very well to the point most them niggas come to me The botanical genius, AKA grower supplier that top shelf that you can’t buy at any dispensary. Nigga I stay relevant been doing this shit since 1992 check the AVI that’s a start I had since.No fancy names that is OG. So STAN pick your weight up so you can come out here and take your fam on the TMZ bus tour. Fucking groupie. Smh

        • Jaybo

          Based on ALL the shit you wrote tells me you a fucking loser. Ain’t nobody got time to read all that dumb ass nigga.

          • Gus C Gill Jr

            Keep it short and simple. Fucking lame pic you’re wieght up. And stop dick riding & checking other people’s pockets. Fucking fan I mean Stan. Smh🤔

          • Jaybo

            Haaaaa broke ass wshh nigga