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Amazing Rescue: Man Delivers Litter Of Opossums from ran over carcass!

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Posted by Tado

Added on Jul 16th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Andrew Hales

    I can’t image being a female having some living moving thing inside of you. Fuckin creeps me out.

    • James Ball

      Your body has all kinds of small living moving organisms inside of it.

  • Lil Darell

    Now he needs a good mama cat to nurse them .

  • Jeebus Crise

    So risk your human life and rabies to save some ring tailed marsupials that are a nuisance anyway?

  • Jeebus Crise

    He kept saying Jesus fucking Christ. I guess that is possible since he could have jerked off, which would be Jesus, fucking Christ. Or maybe he was fisting himself. I dunno, kinda sus.