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A Pizza Shop Employee Called To Cuss Out A Grandmother For Leaving A Poor Review Online! “You F*Cking Ugly B*Tch”

A pizza shop worker called made the call after a one-star review was left on Facebook . The staff member called the grandmother at home to rant at her after she posted the review. “It’s easy to talk on ****ing Facebook, next time you want to say something come down here and ****ing say it, ok?” The manager of the shop, The Square Pizza Company in Newport, said the staff member who made the call had since been fired. Elizabeth Gallear, 63, had asked her grandson James to write the review after she was left waiting two hours for pizzas for her family in Newport. But minutes after the one-star rating was left online, she received the phone call.

Added on Jan 11th 2017
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • Your Friend Chaos

    She is shaking from anger, lol

  • cmeya3

    Should order another pizza and have all her grand kids waiting with bats for his ass, or if you don’t believe in violence have all of them call and order hundreds of pizza to all kinda addresses.