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Some skater kids mouth off to an officer…and then he body slams the kid!


Added on Nov 23rd 2014
Posted by The Grand Report Staff
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  • phuq disqus sux

    Fuck yo bike niguh

  • vibe

    All that fuck the police talk but soon as they meet a REAL gangsta they gone like 911 please help… Shit was lame.

  • 100kJayLauren410

    Them Kids dumb as bricks. Let my son or daughter act stupid imma body dey ass

  • Butch Van Dyke

    never fuck with the cop that they didnt even give a police car to.

    • Stackskatz

      those are the ones you fuck with..

  • I am the Cosmos

    This generations is a joke

  • Enigma

    I would have had a bunch of parents wasting gas to come pick up there fuck face children.


    Saying nigga riding a skateboard? Dude is a fuckin mark lol

    • sindirty

      please every dumb ass under 30 seems to say nigga these days skateboard or not. The marks are the dumb ass blacks who were dumb enough to call themselves by a derogatory word given to them by their slave owners lol


        I just know what the word means to me and my niggaz lol

  • T R I L L D A N I E L L E


  • doogieb

    If they were black……u know the outcome